How to Hire A Body Guard


A bodyguard is a trained professional, entrusted with the protection and safety of an individual or a family. Although the general impression is, hiring a bodyguard is a privilege reserved exclusively for high-ranking government officials and A-list celebrities, this is not always the case. There are a broad range of services available of varying expenditures for anybody who is in need of a bodyguard.


Why Would You Need A Bodyguard?

The world is a dangerous place, and with the turbulent position the nation is in today, there exist all manners of threats and hiring yourself a bodyguard can be beneficial for both your physical and mental well-being.
Assuming you're not a high-profile celebrity or the leader of a country or state facing threats of assassination, there are a variety of other scenarios where your safety may be compromised.You could be a corporate executive asked to conduct business in a hostile environment in a war-torn country where militants and mercenaries roam free.You suspect that somebody is stalking you, with intent to cause harm. The ideal course of action would be to get a restraining order, but if you dont know who might be stalking you, a personal bodyguard is your best option.

You might have unwittingly gotten yourself involved with the local mafia, and they might try some form of extortion on you. You're a key witness in a legal case, or you hold classified information which certain people would kill to protect. Regardless of the situation, you're here reading this because you perceived a threat to yourself or your loved ones.

Read on to find out how to hire a body guard.

What Should You Look For In A BodyGuard? 'Bodyguard" is a term which is commonplace in Movies and TV. In the vocation, however, they are referred to as 'executive protection professionals' or 'personal security specialists.'Addressing Your Particular Needs Bodyguards come in all shapes and sizes and can be male, female or even specially trained canines. A bodyguard does not necessarily need to be big and muscular but instead needs to be highly intelligent with the ability to foresee potential threats and cut them off at the pass accordingly. If you believe a large group or a mob may attack you for whatever reason, it's better to have a big, physically intimidating bodyguard who would deter potential attackers. If you need somebody who can blend in and stick by your side, you're better off with someone in plainclothes and an average build. A woman bodyguard would create a softer impression if you're a public figure and would also get along better with little children if your family needs protection.

Before you know how to hire a body guard, you must first decide on exactly what kind of bodyguard you need. Remember there is absolutely no room for error as yours and your families lives depends on you making the right choice.

How To Find Yourself A BodyGuard?

Finding yourself a bodyguard is easier than you think. You should start off by looking at your state’s official website to see what regulations they have concerning bodyguards. Different states have different legal names for this position and also different rules.You could find links from your government website to personal protection agencies.You could do a simple Google search online, or you can look in the yellow pages.
Personal recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues usually work best as then you know the person you hired is trustworthy.

Look For Certification

Most bodyguards would carry a Concealed Weapons license, but that alone is not enough to guarantee you of your bodyguard’s efficacy. A license is simply a government-issued permit to carry a firearm or be a security specialist, but it is in no way an indicator of the bodyguards quality. A certification is concrete proof that an individual has gone through an extensive personal protection course and has full professional training. There are plenty of state and national level training centers. Make sure your choice of bodyguard has graduated from a reputable institution.

Go Through His Portfolio

Experience is key. Ask your bodyguard about his former employees and then contact them personally. If an applicant has an upstanding, well-documented record with his past employers, he will probably make an excellent bodyguard. Bodyguards are often bound by privacy agreements, so this line of inquiry might require some discrete questioning. You should also ask your bodyguard about the various skills he is proficient in. Don’t just take his word for it. Instead, ask about specific instances Ask specific questions such as where he keeps his gun, and compare it with those on

Skills include:

Knowing how to conduct himself without being obtrusive. Planning his duties well in advance to ensure smooth functioning. Combat skills, both unarmed and with firearms. Driving skills, if you need a driver. Knowledge of computerized protection and access control systems.


Look For A Criminal Record

Most bodyguards usually have a military background or have served in the police forces or were bouncers at some point. Plenty of them are violent people who are prone to outbursts, and you should do a thorough criminal check to ensure you’re not entrusting a criminal with the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

How Much Will It Cost?

Now that you know how to hire a body guard, let’s look at how expensive it will be. The amount of money you’ll have to dish out depends on two factors:

The city or region you live in.

The level of perceived threat.


Bodyguard Charge

Bodyguards on an average charge between $20 to $65 per hour. In New York City, the average is $65/hour whereas their counterparts in L.A. charge around $25/hour. If you need a bodyguard who is also a driver, the unarmed ones charge around $300 - $500 a day and the armed ones can cost upwards of $500 per day. If you need your bodyguard to accompany you overseas, expect to dish out around $900 a day along with travel and accommodation expenses. It would be wise to not be stringent with your budget because the lives of you and your family are at stake. My years of experience have taken me all around the United States and also overseas, including Brazil, France, and Germany.